A simple, painless and effective help.
Analgesic actions, anti-inflammatory, restructuring, healing, immunostimulatory

The LED THERAPY is based on fundamental principles of quantum medicine. It is intended to prevent, to the biostimulation of vital energy, strengthening natural defenses and the beauty of the body and skin. The effects of QuantPulse device is provided by the synergistic action of polychromatic emission diodes and a constant circular magnetic field (magnetic potentiator).

5 biophysical factors or radiative

The Biotechnology Led Therapy is a method of combining several therapeutic factors acting in synergy. It uses the basic principle of particle accelerator namely provoke encounters of energetic particles (photons) inside a magnetic tunnel which leads to a considerable increase in the travel elements. These energetic particles act at the cellular level of all types of tissues or organs resulting in biophysical and biochemical reactions deep (more than 10 cm in soft tissue) which rapidly activate all healing process.

The curative effect devices Led Therapy is provided by the synergistic action of two to five or biophysical factors radiative :

  • intermittent light (pulsed) diode polychromatic
  • infrared emitting diode monochrome continuous incoherent
  • lasing pulse in coherent light (soft cold laser infrared light)
  • a constant magnetic field equivalent to the earth's magnetic field
  • potentiation of radiation by a magnetic tunnel, which simulates the effects of a particle accelerator

accelerator photon

The Led-therapy technology uses a magnetic photon accelerator tunnel to potentiate the therapeutic effects of light radiation and to increase the rate of penetration. Its presence is of paramount importance for several reasons:

  • the therapeutic effects are significantly amplified
  • generating a magnetic field to a lymphatic drainage facilitates the removal of metabolic waste associated with cell regeneration
  • the light emission has a right torsion field fully compatible with the biological as identical to natural sunlight activity.

Actions of different color wavelengths :

  • Red : +/- 630 nm,

    red light reduces inflammation phenomena and stimulates collagen production by fibroblasts. It accelerates the renewal of skin cells. It is healing and regenerating. It has an energizing effect on the blood.

  • Orange : +/- 600 nm,

    orange light improves muscle tone and strengthens tissues. It is antispasmodic, very effective for muscle and visceral pain. It has orthosympathicotoniques and cardiotonics properties.

  • Yellow : +/- 580 nm,

    yellow is a stimulating motor nerve, which implies that it has a positive effect on the nerves and brain. Yellow light promotes digestion and stimulates the purgative action of the body. Yellow has a purifying effect on the liver and stimulates the flow of bile. There is also an incentive for the entire digestive system.

  • Green : +/- 530 nm,

    Green color is recommended against stress and fatigue. Purifying and revitalizing, it is useful to improve the condition.

  • Turquoise : +/- 500 nm,

    the turquoise color is recommended for inflammatory or circulation problems such as burns, sunburn, itching. It treats redness such as erythrose, rosacea, capillary fragility, sensitive skin.

  • Blue : +/- 470 nm,

    blue this relaxing, antiseptic and astringent effects (used against insomnia, anxiety, physical and mental excitation). It is popular for treating inflammation and tissue and chronic infectious phenomena irritation.

  • Purple : +/- 400 nm,

    purple improves the lymphatic system and body defenses. Violet rays stimulate the immune system, help eliminate toxins (they have a cleansing effect of the blood), they are effective in detoxifying the liver and against indigestion. Violet stimulates the functioning of the spleen.