Numerous therapeutic effects

Analgesic, anti-inflammatory, healing, immuno-stimulant. Innovative and high-performance devices Led-Therapie allow diversification of the proposed care and potentiation of all procedures performed in the offices of physiotherapy, osteopathy or other health practices.

Optimization and stimulation, no side effects

The influence of MiltaLed technology is non-invasive, non-aggressive to the skin surface. The light sources are cold in nature and pose no risk of irritation or burning (can treat areas where the metal material was implanted.).

French Manufacturing

Made from 15 years directly in Russia, by the engineers who developed the technology, products Led-Therapie are now manufactured in France and integrates the latest generation of LEDs for even better results and time to smaller exposure.


2 years manufacturer warranty

Our commitment to quality is part of the time, that is why we guarantee any work parts and labor for two years.

Money Back Guarantee *

Try it and adopt it. However, if you want to change your mind, you have three weeks to do it.


Great usability:

A wide variety of ready programs easier to use in automatic mode. Pre-set 5 minutes programs are activated by simple prolonged.
Our scientific advisors pressure accompany you to the choice of protocols to use.