A very simple to use
Spectacular results
LED therapy in salons


The apparatus dedicated to the use of LED
therapy individuals

See Quanta Pulse


Dedicated to the use of LED therapy
/ MIL therapy professional equipment

See Miltapod

See Miltaled


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Developed professionally for physicians and therapists in more than 20 countries, LED, short for "Light-Emitting Diode" technology is now making available to individuals. Newest techniques photobiostimulation, this method of treatment has lasting immediate effects, and without any side effects on health. Excellent complement to all types of conventional treatments, the pain is relieved through the pain of light properties and improve the metabolism of cells. The process of tissue regeneration and organic are optimized.
In which case use skincare range LED-Therapie?
- Reduction of pain
- Decrease inflammation
- Stress management, relaxation and relaxation
- Healing
- Detoxification
- Stimulation of natural defenses
- Energizing Water Drink & - Skin Care
- Etc.